Our Projects

The Linkage Plus Garden is located opposite mile end bus station was kindly donated by Tower Hamlets council as a space that would be created for and by older Adults in the community. The garden has provided many of our users with a garden space that they do not have in their homes in a relaxed and safe environment.

By engaging our users in every step of designing and developing the garden and working along with Providence Row volunteers, we have been able to produce a space unique to the needs of our older users.

Since the start of the garden project, we have been privileged to have on board enthusiastic volunteers from Providence Row that are not afraid to get their hand dirty and motivate our older adults. We have been able to make major changes to the original state of the garden such as levelling the flooring making it is accessible to plant vegetables and flowers.

The garden is still a work in progress and if you are keen to get involved, put some of your skills to use, or learn new skills, feel free to come along and help out at The Linkage Plus Garden Mile End. Contact us for other information