Neighbours in Poplar

Neighbours in Poplar began in 1969 when some local people gathered together to do something practical for their older and more isolated neighbours. Volunteers came together and began visiting vulnerable residents, organising parties, shopping, gardening, and attending to the myriad of little jobs that kept cropping up. Very early on the area of interest included the Isle of Dogs, where so many of the Poplar folk used to live.

Today, Neighbours in Poplar is thriving with a very small but dedicated staff team who support an array of volunteers.

Our service

Through LinkAge Plus we have Outreach workers who do an amazing job for older people who have complex life situations and problems, helping many receive the attention and care they need as well as sort out difficulties they find themselves facing. Our Outreach workers often assume the role of advocates and liaise with a wide range of services on behalf of their clients.

We have several centres that we provide services, the two largest being St. John’s on the Isle of Dogs and the St. Matthias Community Centre in Poplar which is a Grade 2 listed building on Poplar High Street. Our centres are very popular, each with its own distinctive atmosphere and each attempting to meet the different needs of our clients.

Our Mini Buses collect people who have mobility problems and bring them to the Centres where there are Health-related activities (Pilates, Yoga, Exercise, etc.), Music, Arts and Crafts, Reminiscence Projects, Themed Days, etc. along with a fresh home-cooked meal.

We all love parties so the Queen’s Jubilee, the Royal Wedding, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Eid and other cultural and religious festivals give Neighbours In Poplar welcome excuses to organise a celebration.

We are very fortunate in that they, like our own staff, represent the multicultural nature of E14 Tower Hamlets which has enabled us to go out and help our very diverse communities-something which has always been a priority of Neighbours in Poplar.

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