Partnership Work

LinkAge plus works in partnership with organisations in Tower Hamlets and across London to help coordinate a service that meets the needs of our older people. Our partnerships are vital in creating easy access to organisations with expertise and also provides us with an easy pathway to refer and obtain referrals.

Through these partnerships we are able to avoid duplication of services resulting in positive outcomes for our clients provide opportunity to impact on long-term service delivery.

Working with LinkAge plus provides  access to excluded and hard to reach communities.


Some of the organisations that we work with are:

Health Diabetes, flu vaccinations, cancer awareness, access to GP services, falls team, dementia clinic, re-ablement team and Community mental health teams.

Emergency servicespolice and fire services to help increase safety and awareness for older people’s needs

Voluntary and Public Services – Befriending, Social services, Intergenerational projects with schools and colleges, Alzheimers society, Carers centre to name a few.

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