Case Study 1


I am a 73 year old man and I started coming to Tai Chi classes at Sonali Gardens in 2010.  I had already been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but over time I found I was becoming more forgetful and this was beginning to distress me.  I have a circle of friends but still feel lonely where I live.

I was having such difficulty getting in and out of the bath that I was not able to wash each day. Instead I was going to the local sauna once a week which was costing me £16.00 a time. I did not want to stay in my flat and thought about referring myself to the Seaman’s Mission on East India Dock Road as I had worked at sea.


I was assessed by the Outreach worker at Sonali Gardens who referred me to the Alzheimer’s Society. In regards to the Seaman’s Mission, The Link Age Outreach worker was concerned that this would not be an appropriate place to support my health conditions and may affect my housing status. She gave me more information about options and referred me to Tower Hamlets Occupational Health Team with regards to getting a shower fitted.


The Alzheimer’s Society referred me to the Memory Clinic and they have been very helpful in giving me coping strategies to help me remember things. I am also having a full assessment regarding my memory and feel so relieved to have had such dedicated and specialised health care for my memory.

The Occupational Health Team has assessed me and a shower was installed, which is much easier to use.  However,  I still feel lonely and find that the flat is too large for my needs.   The LinkAge Plus team are currently arranging for me to view a flat in a brand new purpose built extra care unit, which can provide appropriate support to me with my health problems.

The support they provided has really helped me and I know they will do their best to help with my housing needs.

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